About the Artist

I have studied abroad and trained with other artists. With my own twist I use techniques learned from blacksmith Dean Piesner, Alfred Engerer glass master of Geisterblitz Glass Studio, and Wood Carver and Rigging Specialist Lorne Edie.

A man of the earth, his trade is Arborculture, his Art is Sculpture. My art has an organic feel, my materials are metal, glass, wood, and stone. My greatest teacher is nature, all forms occur there. I manipulate raw materials in their natural form, glass which is silica sand, heated and formed with minor elements. Metal is merely ore, which when taken from the earth is heated, purified, and formed. I return these elements to heat and fire then reform and manipulate them into shapes, then put them together to create my art.

My studies include having spent winter and fall 2008 as an artist-in-residence at the Art Students League of New York. My instructors were James Garvey, Grace Knowlton, and G. L. Sussman.

Please feel free to contact me at kthor@thorsforge.com, or by phone at (416) 540-5753.

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